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Ocean County Family Support Organization (FSO)

(732) 569-6334
Toms River

Ocean County Family Support Organization (FSO)

The OCFSO is a non-profit organization made up of parents and community members whose mission is to ensure that every Ocean County family who have children with special emotional and behavioral needs is given community based resources and support in a family friendly, child centered, culturally competent manner.

Specific and Primary Purposes of the FSO

  • Provide family support to families who have children with special emotional and behavioral needs.
  • Develop training for both families and children with special needs and community members who are professional or nonprofessional who may come into contact with these children.
  • Dissemination of information to both families of children with special needs, and professional and nonprofessional members of the community who come into contact with these families.
  • Develop a good working partnership with the local CMO (Care Management Organization), other community agencies and system partners, to enhance the services provided to those Children and families with special needs.
  • Ongoing local system education through presentations and forums that impart role of FSO and communicate family friendly, parent/professional partnership messages to providers, Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP), Children's System of Care (CSOC), Juvenile Justice System, Schools, and Child Advocacy Organizations
Eligibility Any one who has a child with special needs, substance, emotional, behavioral needs.
Age Groups
  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Adults
Community Services
Family & Support Services
Health Services
Behavioral / Mental Health
Crisis / Safety
Intellectual and Developmental Needs

Last Updated: 11/20/21