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September 1, 2023  

FY24 Behavioral Healthcare Provider Loan Redemption Program Opens October 1

Under this program, eligible providers will be able to receive up to $50,000 to redeem a participant’s cumulative outstanding student loan balance in exchange for every two full-time years of service at an approved site. Participants can redeem a total of $150,000 in loans payments in exchange for up to six years of service.

July 10, 2023

Ocean's Harbor House to Transition Youth Shelter to Family Shelter

Ocean's Harbor House announced today it will begin a process of transitioning its emergency youth shelter into a family shelter citing heightened demand and need in the community for families in need of shelter and support services that provide a stable environment.

June 20, 2023  

Ocean County to Create Homelessness Trust Fund

TOMS RIVER – In order to better meet the evolving needs of Ocean County's disadvantaged and homeless population, the Ocean County Board of Commissioners is poised to create a Homelessness Trust Fund to help bolster programs for the underprivileged with more flexibility.

May 22, 2023  

Psychiatric Clearances in Schools

With increasing frequency, children are being removed from educational placements due to safety concerns, and their parents are told that, before their children can return to the classroom, they must undergo a psychiatric evaluation.