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March 30, 2021  

FY22 State Budget Enhances Funding for the Autism and I/DD Community

Despite the unprecedented challenges of the previous year, the Governor proposed a $44.8 billion budget that would help the State build back from the pandemic and enhance funding for essential services for the autism and intellectual and developmental disability (I/DD) community.

March 16, 2021  

As Many Parents Fret Over Remote Learning, Some Find Their Kids Are Thriving

That's a welcome goal for the many parents who worry about their children falling behind while learning virtually during the coronavirus pandemic. But some are realizing that their children do better in online school. By most accounts, it's the case for students who focus better when they are not around classmates.

January 25, 2021  

Why Billions In Food Aid Hasn't Gotten To Needy Families

According to a report from Feeding America, 1 in 4 households with children experienced food insecurity in 2020. "These are just levels that we've never seen before," says Diane Schanzenbach, an economist at Northwestern University.

October 19, 2020  

Homeless Families Struggle With Impossible Choices As School Closures Continue

The closure of school buildings in response to the coronavirus has been disruptive and inconvenient for many families, but for those living in homeless shelters or hotel rooms — including roughly 1.5 million school-aged children — the shuttering of classrooms and cafeterias has been disastrous.