Don't Get Lost in Transition! This is Me Supports Self-Advocacy and Transition Planning

Thursday, January 26, 2023
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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Transitions to new learning or residential environments, and/or working with new support staff represent both opportunities and challenges. Important information about an individuals’ support strategies is often lost during key transitions. During transition, it is important that individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities be able to self-advocate and share information about their unique profile of strengths, needs, and interests. Research consistently shows that academic, social, and vocational outcomes for individuals with disabilities are superior for those with greater self-advocacy skills. In this session, you will learn how to use This is Me, an electronic self-advocacy tool that supports individuals of all abilities, during transitions.

A This is Me story is a customized, electronic self-advocacy tool that supports an individual, their caregivers, and support team in sharing information about their communication, self-advocacy, executive function, behavior, medical information, and/or personal preferences. The story also highlights each individual’s unique strengths using picture and video examples.

In addition to explaining what a This is Me story is, and how it benefits individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities, this session will provide examples of valuable information to be included in an advocacy story, as well as how stories are able to be generalized across a variety of populations, settings, and audiences. Presenters will share their personal experiences collaborating with individuals and their families in the following programs: non-public special education school and an intensive inpatient treatment program for children and young adults with severe behavioral disorders and developmental disabilities. Presenters will share assorted materials for use when creating a This is Me story, as well as examples of completed stories.

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