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Taylor Care Adult Behavioral Health at Tuckerton

(609) 879-2233

The program is geared to individuals who are transitioning from hospital to the community, are resistant to services or non-compliant with medication, have a recurring history of crisis or hospitalization, have chronic disabilities that compromise functioning, have co-occurring mental health conditions or are struggling with substance abuse. 

The well-rounded program is balanced with a healthy dose of social, recreational and communally interactive activities that support and reinforce the skills that are promoted in the educational segment. We believe that everyone deserves the skills they need to flourish and to be treated with dignity regardless of their circumstances. We emphasize recognizing each individual's strengths and challenges and build on those strengths to maximize their quality of life.

We foster self-respect by believing in clients; we encourage independence by granting it; we promote accountability by demanding it. Our clients develop culinary skills, learn to care for themselves, and actively participate in planning their schedules thus reinforcing their independence and ability to thrive at home. 

Our Motto: Believe in clients and they believe in themselves!

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Last Updated: 04/03/18