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If you know, love, or teach someone with autism, you have been impacted by POAC. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to “Making Lives Better Every Day” for New Jersey families with children on the autism spectrum. Every year POAC provides hundreds of free events and trainings for the autism community including:

Saving Lives and Keeping our Children Safe: POAC provides Free specialized training for police, first responders, and families. This training has been directly credited with saving lives all over New Jersey.

Connecting and Supporting New Jersey Families who are Sharing the Journey: POAC’s online support group, the New Jersey Autism Warriors (with thousands of parent members), provides access to information, support, and more 24 hours a day.

Providing Free Recreational Events for the Entire Family: POAC events are opportunities where our children can be themselves in a non-judgmental settings and siblings are always welcome.

Empowering Parents and Educators to Advocate and Help Their Children/Students Succeed: POAC provides a multitude of Free training opportunities that have a direct impact on your child and on your family as well.

Building Awareness and Acceptance in Schools: POAC provides autism awareness programs and assemblies for students grades K-12. These help foster an environment of understanding for children on the spectrum.

Directing Crucial Funds: POAC sits on the Governor's Council on Autism which provides millions of dollars of funding for autism research every year.

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Last Updated: 05/14/19