Active Parenting Group

9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Toms River

Active Parenting Group

A video and discussion program for parents of children ages 5-12

Active Parenting will give you skills to achieve a fuller, more satisfying family life and help your children achieve greater happiness and success. Written by Dr. Michael Popkin, one the nation's foremost experts on parenting education, this course will show you a proven-effective approach to parenting that will lead to more harmony and happiness for  you and your children. You'll learn 7 strategies for school success, along with positive discipline and communication techniques to help your family run more smoothly.

This workshop will show you effective ways to:

  • use nonviolent discipline that really works
  • open up lines of communication--before they get clogged
  • teach responsibility, courage, and other important character traits
  • encourage school success in 7 steps
  • prevent future problems with drugs, alcohol, and sex
  • defuse power struggles with your children
  • stimulate independence as your child grows older
  • stop scolding and start smiling with your kids again!

Light refreshments provided.

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Last Updated: 02/20/19