Assessing, Understanding, Managing, and Treating Chronic Suicidality

Friday, October 6, 2023
8:00 AM - 3:59 PM

Meets Weekly

Chronic suicidal ideation, intent, and planning are risk factors for suicide attempts and death by suicide. Those with chronic suicidality who go to therapy, emergency rooms, and crisis centers struggle with a persistent suicidal state and may not respond well to typical crisis management strategies. Suicidal behavior can be challenging for professionals to manage as it often produces intense feelings of fear and uncertainty in the clinician.

This course aims to improve the ability of clinicians to work with individuals with chronic suicidality by increasing the clinician’s ability to provide treatment at the correct level of care, improving therapeutic relationships, and aiding clinical progress. The course’s 13 modules will cover the major theories of suicidal behavior, the unique challenges of working with clients with chronic suicidality, and evidence-based best clinical practices for managing and treating chronic suicidality. Additional topics covered in this course are identifying the unique challenges of safety planning with chronic suicidality, creative alternatives to hospitalization, and treatment planning.

A focus throughout the course will be developing the ability to identify the clinician’s emotions and biases while gaining the skills needed to increase the ability to tolerate risk when working with individuals who want to die. Risk management strategies will be provided, including clinical documentation and consultation recommendations. Real-world clinical examples and the most up-to-date research on suicide and suicidality will also be presented.

25 CE Hours $199

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