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Individual Counseling: focuses on a single participant presenting for services with concerns related to alcohol and substance abuse, anger management, depression, anxiety, stress, as well as a wide range of other behavioral and mental health concerns. All sessions are conducted face to face for 45-90 minutes one time per week.

Group Counseling: is one of the most common modalities for treatment of many behavioral and mental health issues. Groups can be extremely beneficial to individuals sharing similar problems by helping to reduce denial and anxiety, manage ambivalence, facilitate acceptance and increase motivation to change. Groups are conducted two times per week for a minimum of 8-12 sessions, depending on the purpose of the group, for a duration of 90 -120 minutes each group.

Family Counseling: involves identified family members looking for an opportunity to resolve a specific problem and work towards long-term solutions. It is an effective counseling approach that requires the identification and structuring or restructuring of a healthy support system. Sessions are conducted on a bi-weekly basis for a duration of 50-90 minutes each session.

Youth Group (male & female) An 8 week counseling group offered by Counseling Support Services, LLC, will assist boys and girls ages 10-19 in developing positive coping skills, social skills, and life skills designed to help increase their self- concept, self-control, decision making strategies, appropriate hygiene and personal development.

Personal Development
With consideration of protective factors that contribute to overall health and well-being additional services are offered to include a series of personal development workshops for individuals interested in gaining knowledge or learning new skills to manage everyday stressors. With a wide range of topics to choose from, anyone can benefit. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Parent Skills Training
  • Substance Use
  • Family Dynamics
  • Behavior and Mental Health Disorders
  • Self-Care
  • Work-Life Balance

These workshops are designed for adolescents and adults considered to be at risk of being adversely impacted by an array of socio-cultural issues. The objectives are to emphasize holistic healthcare practices and to interpret behavior and mental healthcare maintenance as a beneficial preventive health strategy. We can provide these services in a variety of locations that include schools, recreation centers, residential facilities or other community-based settings in Monmouth County and throughout New Jersey.   

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