OceanMHS Launches Ocean Integrated Trauma Center

BAYVILLE, NJ – Ocean Integrated Trauma Center at Ocean Mental Health Services was developed in direct response to the effects and trauma the COVID-19 pandemic is placing on our frontline workers, healthcare professionals, first responders, and the individuals and families who have suffered an impact and loss. The development of Ocean Integrated Trauma Center (opening on September 1st, 2020) was made possible through a grant to OceanMHS by the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund. 

When asked about the new trauma center OceanMHS, CEO James Cooney, LCSW had this to say, “Our world has become so complex. The serious trauma we are all experiencing as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic has only added to the stress we all feel. And that stress is at a minimum doubled for those first responders and healthcare heroes on the frontline. The impact on all of our mental health is dramatic. We have never had so many requests for help. As a result, there has never been a greater need for a sophisticated, integrated trauma treatment center. With the help of the NJ Pandemic relief Fund, OceanMHS is answering that need!”

OceanMHS welcomes all persons seeking professional treatment and care for any trauma they have experienced in life, and additionally place a special focus on trauma’s resulting from the current pandemic. They have a team of licensed therapists with expertise in evidenced based trauma protocols ready to provide service and care. While we understand there is no quick fix for trauma, at OceanMHS we offer hope for healing and wellness. “Having a traumatic experience can have a profound impact on our well-being, having multiple traumatic experiences can put us at risk for health-related issues and other problems. Our emotional experience related to a trauma can cause problems within our relationships, our work, and even our ability to engage in everyday life. The current pandemic has first responders, medical personnel, and family members living with painful events daily. First responders and medical personnel are trained to expect a certain amount of tragedy in their line of work and are taught skills to manage the circumstances that may cause them distress. But, the pandemic is different, it is prolonged exposure to difficult and painful circumstances with continued uncertainty in a way that is unprecedented,” explained Kim Veith, MBA, MSW, LCSW, LCADC is the Director of Adult Clinical Services at OceanMHS.

OceanMHS is grateful for the opportunity and privilege to provide this valuable care to our community and frontline heroes. The Ocean Integrated Trauma Center will be opening September 1st and appointments will available in office or virtual! Kim Veith also commented, “At Ocean MHS one of our main purposes has been to participate in building strong, healthy communities. This grant through NJPR gives us the opportunity to give back to those who take care of all of us. The heroes who may be feeling weary and need some support. We are grateful for the opportunity to offer these services and will continue to strive to make a difference one life at time.”