Socialization Group

My best self group 

My best self group 

Looking for a few more girls to complete 

this unique girls group

ages 11-15   



  This self esteem group uses hands on socialization, sand play therapy, art therapy, yoga, dance and music. It will focus on:

recognize their beauty, value and self worth

like themselves for who they are 

increased comfort level in social situations

refining of social skills

making and keeping friendships

increasing self esteem  

respect and love of self and body

mind, body, spirit connection 

issues girls are facing or will soon encounter:

-"girl drama","mean girls", popularity

-internet/facebook/texting issues

-peer pressure

-drugs and alcohol

 -body image, dieting, eating disorders


Groups run weekly for a 12 week period. Parent session without child upon completion of 12 week session. Optional parent session after 7th week.  weekly parent support group available. Fees: Assessment: $180. 12, 75 minute groups ($90 per session) + 60 minute parent session ($195) = $1455.  Group therapy is a cost effective alternative to traditional individual therapy and may be reimbursed by insurance

Eligibility Girls ages 11-15.
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  • Adolescents
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Last Updated: 09/26/17